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At Smiles on Bristol Dentistry, Santa Ana, we are specially trained in treating dental caries in patients.  Dental caries are the same thing as the more commonly used term dental cavity.  Cavities are a type of tooth decay caused by bacteria in the mouth.  These bacteria live off sugar in the mouth and they release lactic acid that erodes the teeth.

This erosion creates the dental “cavity” which, if left untreated, can continue to damage the tooth until the tooth is too weak and has to be removed.  Cavities are also ideal places for bacteria to collect, and the revealed insides of the tooth mean there is a much greater chance of contracting an infection.

Patients whose diets contain high amounts of simple sugars are at an increased risk of dental caries.  Cavities can be painful, but usually only after they have caused significant damage to the tooth, exposing nerves that cause pain.  Regular trips to the dentist will locate dental caries before they become a serious issue and will keep teeth cleaner so that caries do not form in the first place.

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