What do your teeth really consist of? Our teeth are broken down into two parts, the crown and the root. The crown is the part of the tooth that is visible to everyone and the root is the part of the tooth which is non able visible. The root is beneath our gum line this root helps anchor our teeth to the jawbone. Our tooth are structured of several components first comes the tooth enamel, second come the dentin and lastly comes the pulp chamber.cross-section-of-a-tooth

What is tooth enamel you might ask? This is the protective covering of our teeth. Just like our skin has been designed to protect our body, our enamel has been designed with the same purpose to protect our tooth. The tooth enamel is the part of our tooth that is visible since it is the coating that makes up the crown of our teeth. This enamel is a very tough coating which protects the tooth from a everyday wear and tear. Not to mention the enamel is the hardest tissue in the human body which was intentionally made for all the chewing, biting and grinding. This tooth enamel appears to be white in most cases but it is actually translucent, which causes to be easily stained when teeth are not brushed and flossed daily. To prevent some discoloration on tooth enamel good oral hygiene should always come in hand. Tooth enamel not only helps us for chewing, biting, ect., but is also the protection for our dentin.

Dentin is another part of what our teeth consist off; this dentin is what makes up most of our teeth. Dentin is a yellow almost like bone made out of cells called odontoblast. This dentin gives our teeth the finish touch of a bright white look since our enamel is very translucent. If enamel starts to wear off, our teeth might start to look more dull and yellowish which is because only dentin is being left.Labeledandfulltooth


What comes after dentin? After dentin we have our pulp chamber in other words the heart of our teeth. Without the pulp chamber we would never be able to tell if there is anything wrong with our teeth since that is where the feeling comes out off. This pulp chamber is protected first by the enamel, and also it is also protected by dentin which covers most portions of our teeth. Without all these components our teeth would be weak and would not allow us to have proper way of chewing or biting. Also if cavities have passed the dentin to the pulp chamber that is when a root canal comes in place to kill the nerve the feeling of our teeth.

To protect all these components you must brush twice a day and floss daily, also don’t forget to visit your Santa Ana Smiles On Bristol Dentistry Office for your twice a year regular checkups.