At Smiles on Bristol we offer a clean and sterilized environment. We offer this by having a clean office and clean instruments. A cleaning and sterilization process that meets the ADA and CDC standard regulation guidelines is done to all instruments after being used after a treatment. You might ask what this sterilization process is.  This process is the elimination all microorganisms and all other pathogens from any object and/or surface by the use of a chemical or exposing it to high heat. FullSizeRender

When sterilizing there is the need of proper materials, and other devices. We not only use the proper materials and devices here at Smiles on Bristol but we also ensure a method by having clean area: used to place all clean instruments which have not been yet used or have already being processed by sterilization. There is also the dirty area: used to place all instruments which have being used in patients mouths and have yet to be processed by sterilization .By ensuring this instruments which are placed on the dirty area are the ones which need to be emerged into the Ultrasonic cleaner, with the use of cavitation bubbles and high frequency pressure waves, used with liquid this helps penetrate through cracks, blind holes and any other recesses in instruments before being bag in special pouches that will be placed into the autoclave. This autoclave is set to a high temperature of 270 degree steam , this high temperature eliminates all microorganisms.FullSizeRender (1)

For other surfaces or objects which cannot placed into an ultrasonic cleaner, or autoclave there are other approaches to cleaning them. Such surfaces or objects as: dental chairs, desktops, x-ray units, operatory, etc. All these areas and objects are cleaned by surface disinfectant wipes which help disinfect surface areas and objects which cannot be placed inside autoclave. The Santa Ana Smiles On Bristol  team takes very serious the cleaning of all surface areas and instruments as we do offer a clean and sterilized environment by meeting the ADA and CDC standard guidelines to all instruments used in the office. /contact-us/