Radiographs also known as x-rays are an essential part in the dental field. Radiographs help the dentist diagnose for a better treatment plan. Radiographs can help the dentist find cavities, check the bone structure of the teeth, see teeth development, and find any cyst or abscess. Radiographs can also be a preventative measure by helping the dentist take care of the patient’s oral care issues before they become a major problem. There are two different type of x-rays Traditional X-rays vs. Digital X-rays.

Traditional X-rays are x-rays that are taken on a film. The film has to be develop in a dark room using special chemicals and has to be placed on a light board for the dentist to see. Traditional x-rays are being used less in the dental field. The reason that they are being used less is that they require more radiation than the counter digital x-ray. The chemical that is used for development is hazardous and it can be a hazard to an employee.

Digital X-rays are taken through a sensor. The digital sensor comes in different sizes and it’s more comfortable than the traditional film. The amount of radiation that is needed to take a digital x-ray is also less than traditional film. The processing is also much faster since there is no need to use darkrooms or developer chemicals. The digital x-ray is almost instant takes a few seconds for the x ray to appear on a screen. At Smiles on Bristol Dentistry in Santa Ana we use digital x-rays because it benefits patients and employees.

Our Santa Ana Dentist Dr. Danial Kalantari also agrees with using digital x-rays instead of traditional. Dr. Danial finds it easier to explain x-rays to a patient. With digital x-rays you can zoom, measure, and expand an image. You can also e-mail x-rays keeping the image at the best quality. This is very important if a patient has to see a specialist or another dentist the patient doesn’t have to retake x-rays. digital-X-rays-Preston-Dentists

Dental X-rays have very low radiation levels, comparing to other medical x-rays. It is very important to keep x-ray as minimal as possible. With digital x-rays the amount of retakes should be less since the image appears instant and are much easier to place. The main goal in taking x-rays for Smiles on Bristol Dentistry is patient safety. Smiles on Bristol Dentistry in Santa Ana requires all their employees operating the x-ray unit to take an x-ray course and have a valid x-ray license.

Whatever method of x-rays your dental practice performs, it’s important for you to wear a shield or lead apron to protect you from scattered radiation. If you have any questions regarding radiographs, feel free to contact your friendly Santa Ana dentist Dr. Danial Kalantari.