One of the most popular dental procedures requested at Smiles on Bristol Dentistry, in Santa Ana, is teeth whitening. Professional in-office teeth whitening is not just popular in Southern California, but is also one of the most requested cosmetic dental procedures in the world! Known as in-office whitening, the whitening procedure is done under a professional’s supervision and allows for safe, comfortable and high-powered bleaching.

In-office whitening not only gives the patient noticeable immediate results, but it also is done at a higher concentration, which s generally not accessible to those whitening their teeth at home. It’s no surprise Dentists have professional strength whiteners in their office that are more effective than those used by patients at home. Although at home whiteners claim to be a certain percentage of hydrogen peroxide, those used in a dental office could be up to 10x as strong and more effective. Meaning, the more powerful the concentration in the dentist’s office, the more successful the whitening treatment will be.teeth-whitening-options-224x300

An additional advantage and of going to the dentist to brighten your smile is getting down to those dark teeth stains. While regular at-home whitening kits will make a slight difference in whitening your teeth overall, they are generally not strong enough to get ride of the darker or deeper stains. However, during an in-office treatment, aside from using a strong professional strength bleach, the dentist will typically couple it with a light or laser treatment to make your smile even brighter.

Another reason why getting your teeth whitened professionally rather than doing it yourself at home, is that the professionals know what they’re doing and how to whiten your teeth. Typically fearing sensitivity, patients who try to whiten their own teeth may not apply enough whitening product t or they may not apply it correctly. Further, those whitening teeth at home could also run the risk of using too much product or accidently ingesting too many chemicals. Although do-it-yourself teeth whitening products do come with warnings, they’re almost always impossible to follow precisely. For example, teeth whitening products are not to be applied to your gums. Applying the whitening gel when you don’t know how or because you’re not a profession could result in irritation of the gums or the toxic whitening agents leaking into surrounding areas of the mouth.

It’s no surprise, one of the most common issues complained about and experienced whitening patients is heightened tooth sensitivity. What has happened in situations such as this means that either the whitening products, such as bleach, were applied incorrectly, it was left on for too long, or it came into contact with the individual’s gums.  Mistakes such as these can be avoided by going to a professional to whiten your teeth.  Let someone who has the knowledge and experience whiten your teeth so it makes for a pleasant cosmetic experience! Please contact your friendly staff at Smiles on Bristol Dentistry in Santa Ana./contact-us/