If you’re planning or you recently just had your tooth extracted, here are a few Post-Operative Instructions after Dental Extractions that will come in handy. First not all dental extractions are the same, everybody has different results after a tooth extraction. Some people feel no discomfort and other do, this all depends on the type of extraction and how well a person cares for their extraction site. After an extraction it is normal for the extraction site to bleed. The dentist will usually give you a gauze to bite down on the site, this creates a blood clot and stops the bleeding. The bleeding usually stops a couple minutes after you apply pressure with the gauze. The gauze is changed every 15 to 20 minutes or changed when it’s heavily soaked with blood or saliva. It is very important to not disturb the blood clot, if the blood clot is disturbed you may experience pain on the site.  Try to avoid drinking through a straw, heavy activity like exercise or lifting, eating hot or spicy food for the next 48 hours. Smoking, brushing the extraction site and rinsing roughly can also affect the extraction site. You may brush and floss the rest of your teeth but not the site. You can begin rinsing after 48 hours of the extraction. You may also experience swelling after an extraction. Here are a few ways you can reduce the swelling. Apply a cold ice pack or bag on the side of the swelling firmly this can prevent or lower swelling. When you apply remember to hold on the site for about 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off.  It is important to not to skip meals after an extraction, avoid nuts, sunflower seeds, popcorn, these foods can get stuck on the extraction site. It is a good idea to eat soft cold foods, sandwich, yogurt etc. continue until you can gradually begin to eat on both sides of the mouth. If you experience pain after extraction it is important to take the medication that was prescribe after the dental extraction. It is a good idea to take the pain medication before the numbness wears away after your dental extraction you will manage any discomfort better. The amount of pain medication should be less each day after the extraction. It is very important to contact your treating dentist if you find that you are taking large amount of pain medication. The healing process of a dental extraction should minimize day by day, it takes a few weeks for the site to completely close. The first two days are usually the most uncomfortable, after the third day you should be more comfortable. If you keep experiencing pain or heavy bleeding after a few days, contact your treating dentist as soon as possible. They can prescribe you a different medication or check the extraction site to make sure everything is healing correctly. Please follow the instructions your dentist recommends and take any medication as indicated by your dentist. This will make the healing process more comfortable and fast. If you have any questions regarding extractions you can contact your friendly staff at Smiles on Bristol Dentistry.