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From the time Dr. Kalantari started Dental School in Europe and Mexico, to the time he opened his practice in Santa Ana, Orange County, he has spent a large portion of his career caring for children’s teeth. Aside from the fact that working with his young patients has taught him patience and understanding, he sees teaching young children about dental care as a very important part of growing up.
When children begin to visit the dentist early on, they not only learn how to properly care for their own teeth, but they learn that a visiting the dentist is really nothing to fear.
Smiles on Bristol Founder Dentist Dr. Kalantari can’t say it enough, that by the time a child turns one, it’s the right time to bring them to the dentist.

He encourages that parents start caring for their baby’s teeth during infancy just a few months after birth, before they actually begin to teeth, which is at about six months. After a feeding, it’s a good idea to gently wipe the baby’s gums with a soft damp gauze. Cleanliness is extremely important, so be sure to dispose of the gauze after each wipe.

Commonly, the first two teeth to come through are the front teeth. This generally occurs around the 6-month mark. However, as every child is different, a slight delay in teething is not a cause for concern. Once the teeth begin to appear, parents can begin using a child’s soft-bristle toothbrush to clean their baby’s teeth daily. Regular cleanings after feedings are also encouraged to maintain oral health.

By the time a child is three years old, they will have almost all 20 primary teeth. There’s no doubt they’re little look cute, but parents must keep in mind that they’re still susceptible to cavities! Parents are advised to begin flossing their child’s teeth when two teeth grow in next to each other and touch.

Dr. Kalantari advises parents to also monitor their child’s food intake. Sustaining a healthy diet is also important to avoid cavities. Children should be encouraged to choose nutritious foods to further prevent cavities.

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