A major news outlet completed a report recently on the top ten cities in America that are home to the most beautiful people around the country. It’s no surprise that California was on the list twice and that Southern California was one of the top ranked cities! Talk to any dental provider and they’ll assure you that a nice smile contributes greatly to beauty. The very first thing people notice about you is your smile, and it’s also one of the factors they base their first impression on. Therefore, it’s reasonable to believe that most Southern Californians are walking around with shiny straight white smiles. invisalign blog

 One way of achieving a perfect smile is by having straight teeth. Pushing aside the old method of braces using metal brackets, Invisalign is now the easier and more convenient way to achieve a perfect smile. The concept behind invisalign was to straighten teeth using an invisible method. The clear aligner trays are custom fitted and measured to comfortably be worn by each individual.



When it comes to straightening your teeth, it’s no longer necessary to seek out an orthodontist. Rather, Invisalign can be superiorly completed by a Dentist. Dr. Kalantari has said that since opening Smiles on Bristol Dentistry, in Santa Ana, he’s amazed by the high number of calls he gets on a daily basis regarding invisalign. Dr. Kalantari highly encourages patients to schedule a consult to determine the best coarse of treatment based on each patient’s unique case, to determine a comfortable coarse of treatment to achieve the desired results. When deciding whether or not to start invisalign, it’s best to make the decision with confidence.


Like most things attributed to better health and beauty, invisalign does require a patient to care for their teeth and proactively ensure that they’re wearing their aligners. Typically, treatment can last up to twelve months for most adults. However, that length can be different depending on the severity of the patient’s case. As for teenagers, the dental provider will plan out a course of treatment, appropriate to the patient’s needs.

Regular appointments are scheduled abut once every four to six weeks. Each appointment will evaluate the change and progress the patient experienced in between visits. Aligners are most effective when they’re worn to meet the required amount. Generally, it’s best the aligners are work between 20 to 22 hours a day. It’s strongly suggested the aligners only be removed for cleaning, eating, and brushing.


One of the greatest benefits to getting invisalign rather than going with the old-method braces is that your friends can hardly tell you’re wearing them! Considering that they were originally invented to correct smiles through an invisible process, the fact that there are no metal brackets makes them incredibly desirable by almost all patients! The Invisalign aligners are also patient friendly, in the sense that they can be removed at any time without the patient having to visit the Dentist! They can easily be removed for eating and drinking at any time and then immediately placed back in, after the patient has brushed!