Help! There are too many dentists in Orange County!

Orange County, California is currently known as one of the most over-saturated areas when it comes to dentists. The over-population of these specialized doctors has given the saying “one on every corner” literal meaning. However, with so many options it can still be difficult to find a medical provider that’s just right for you.


Do you prefer a dentist to be closer to your home, your children’s school or your work place? As far schedule goes, will you be visiting your dentist in the middle of the week or would you favor a dentist that works on the weekends? These are all questions you must ask yourself when looking for a dentist. A dental practice should be many things, but you hold the power of convenience in your hands. Within Orange County, there are several sub cities that are home to many wonderful dentists. More specifically Santa Ana has more than enough options to consider if that’s the right area for you.

Walking into a dental practice and seeing a well known dental school on the wall can be quite comforting. However, what’s even more comforting is knowing the dentist has done more than the bare minimum of school requirements to prepare himself to become a well-rounded medical provider. When it comes to choosing a dentist that’s right for you, look for someone who not only got the educational training required, but also is also skilled in relative dental treatments. Someone who has dealt with a wind rage of different patients and cases in the past, is someone who will be able to better administer the treatments you need. Furthermore, experience trumps education in an emergency situation. The skilled dentist will be able to keep a clear mind as to the right treatment for his patient under pressure, rather than what’s the quickest method to resolve the issue.

A new fancy office doesn’t always mean great dental service, and visa versa. Instead look to see if the office appears to be clean. Does the front staff seem to be clean and organized? Additionally, do the treatment rooms appear to have to be clean? Cleanliness and sterilization are very important. Be sure to share any concerns with the staff if you have any concerns, regardless of whether or not they’re your medical provider.

most already go into a dental office with a bit of anxiety. There’s no reason to add to the stress by having to worry about a dentist trying to over sell procedures you don’t need. Ask the front staff to provide information regarding all fees and payment plans prior to the treatment being scheduled. A dental office’s main priority is to take care of their patients and make sure they receive all the treatments they need. So be honest with them about your flexibility and they’ll work with you. In addition, be sure to shop around for not just a low price, but for the same high-quality service. You’ll know when you’ve found the right dentist when the dental staff is helpful and honest in answering your questions.