If you have been to the dentist recently or planning to visit, here is a question you most certainly will hear, how often are your flossing? For most people the answer is I’m not flossing or at least once or twice per week. Most patients do follow the brushing recommendation which is at least twice per day. Most dentist and the American Dental Association recommend to floss at least once per day. Dr. Danial Kalantari of our Smiles on Bristol Dentistry office recommends to floss after every meal and at night time before going to bed.floss

What are the benefits of flossing? The benefits of flossing can be many, removing plaque from in between your teeth, it can prevent gum disease, and halitosis. Flossing removes all plaque that’s left from food that get stuck between your teeth. Brushing only removes the plaque on the surfaces of the teeth but not in between the teeth. If the plaque is left for long periods of time in between the teeth it can cause caries and halitosis. Plaque also causes gum disease if left for long periods of time, it hardens up under the gum and becomes tartar and build up causing the bone to resorb.

Flossing correctly is also very important. It is very common to hear people say that they don’t floss because every time they floss, their gums begin to bleed. It is common for your gums to flossingbleed if you recently started flossing, this is because you already have gingivitis or gum disease. The bleeding and swelling of your gums should stop or reduce if you constantly floss your teeth. Flossing should be done gently and in between all your teeth.

There is different alternatives to flossing on the market today. Water picks, toothpicks, and some electric toothbrushes. Our Smiles on Bristol Dentist Dr. Kalantari usually recommends his patients the traditional dental floss. Its price is very reasonable and it works just as good or better as the other flossing alternative instruments. If you have any questions regarding flossing you can always stop by our Santa Ana location, we would gladly teach you how to floss or give your free floss.