We are happy to discuss payment plans and options specific to your needs before you have any major work done. We want you to know exactly what your options are dependent on your treatment plan so you can feel confident in our work and fees.

Affordable Payment Plans

At Smiles on Bristol Dentistry, we know how important it is to feel great about your smile, thats why we offer a range of affordable payment plans so you can get the best treatment you can.

Our Practice Accepts Most Major Credit Cards and Insurance Plans

Our staff makes it a priority to work with your insurance provider to assure you receive the care you need. We can help you file insurance claims and fill out any necessary paperwork.

Helpful Insurance Facts
Our goal is to provide any assistance our patients need in filing insurance claims, below are a lists of helpful truths and facts with the use of insurance:

Insurance plans are designed to aid in payment, and none pay all. Most plans have yearly deductibles that you will need to meet before insurance payments begin. No insurance plan pays 100% of treatment cost. The amount a plan pays is determined by the coverage purchased by your employer. The less your employer pays for the coverage, the less there is in benefits for you.

Unfortunately, some routine dental services are not covered by insurance plans. We always inform our patients prior to treatment if we are aware of a service which is not a covered expense. We believe it is our duty to “inform before we perform.” If your insurance company informs you that a procedure’s cost is “above usual customary and reasonable fees (UCR)”, remember that this is not a reflection on our costs, but on the amount paid by your employer toward your benefits plan.

PPOs and HMOs offer lists of participating doctors but this doesn’t always mean that you are required to choose a doctor from the list. You may still have the freedom to choose your practice of choice. We aim to provide the best care and the most positive experience we can for all our patients and that includes attention to insurance plans and payment plans designed to fit your budget.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about insurance or payments.

We accept Medi-Cal / Denti-Cal