Dentures are defined as a removable plate or frame holding one or more artificial teeth. Dentures replace missing teeth and tissue and can be in two forms,a complete denture or a partial denture. A complete denture will replace either all upper or lower missing teeth. A partial denture will replace some teeth from lower or upper mandible. Dentures play an important role on people that have missing teeth becuase it stops the bone from receding. It is very important to replace any missing teeth because it can cause more trouble on neigboring teeth. When teeth are missing it causes other teeth to shift or elongatemaking it difficult to brush and floss correctly, which causes cavities and periodontal problems. Molars and premolars are very important to the mouth, those are theteeth we use the most to chew, when you are missing molar or premolars you create more pressure and stress on the anterior teeth. This cause the teeth to chip or look worn out.

There is two options for full dentures, conventional or immediate. Conventional dentures are placed in the mouth after they have extraced the teeth
and all tissues heal back to normal. Your dentist can also recommend a conventional denture when an old worn denture is in place and needs to be replace.
This is usually the most common way conventional dentures are diagnose, since you have a denture to wear meanwhile the other set is being fabricated.The
other option is immediate dentures, this is when they extract all teeth that are left  and immediate place the full denture. For this option you will have to
see your dentist reguarly for adjustments. Relines or adjustments are neccesary because the tissue reshapes as it heals, and it might cause the denture not to
fit correctly.

Partial dentures are used when you want to replace a couple missing teeth. Partials are set on a metal framework that anchor to your teeth. The anchors keep the
partial from moving out of place. Patients also have an option of choosing framework for their partials. They can choose between a metal framework or all acrylic
frame. Acrylic frame work looks better on the patient since there will be no metal showing, but it is more expensive than the traditional metal framework. Partial
dentures are usually an alternative to bridges.

Dentures or partials can be very uncomforatle for the first few weeks. After dentures or partials it is normal to have some soreness or feel high spots. This is normal
you will have a couple appointmetns for adjustments. Your dentist will usually recomend to wear your denture or partial as much as possible for the first few weeks this
will give him an exact location of where there needs to be adjustments. Dentures or partials usualy stay in the mouth on their own after being place. There is some adheisive
patients can use to help them keep their dentures in place. Another option to keep dentures in place is implants. Implants are placed and the denture will lock on to the abutments
of the implants. This will give a more natural look and patients do not have to worry about their denture coming off.

There might be other alternatives if you’re missing some teeth. Dentist can recomend bridges or stayplates but the best option would be to schedule an appointment
and talk to your dentist to see what options work best for you.