Dental x-rays play a big role when it comes to having good dental health, such x-rays are very helpful to and individual’s good oral care. A primary reason why visiting the dentist is to detect any dental problems, with the help of dental x-rays the dentist will be able to complete a full examination of the mouth and detect any issues such as cavities, gum disease, oral infections and even some types of tumors that are not visible to the naked eye.


Intraoral X-rays are one of the most common x-rays taken at any dental office. These x-rays provide a thorough examination of the tooth; it allows determining whether there are any cavities by the detail that these x-rays provide.   It also allows checking the health of the tooth and the bone that is surrounding it. Types of intraoral x-rays are bite-wing x-rays, periapical x-rays, and occlusal x-rays. All these x-rays allow it to help monitor the status of any developing teeth and also the health of the general teeth and jawbone.

The bite-wing x-rays show from the crown level of both top and lower teeth. These x-rays are to help detect any decay in the interproximal areas between the teeth. They also help check if there is any density within the teeth that has been cause by gum disease. Bite-wings can determine the proper fit of a crown or any cast restoration. The periapical x-ray shows the whole tooth starting from the crown to the root of the tooth. Each periapical x-ray includes a full dimension of the teeth. These periapical x-rays are used to determine whether there are any abnormalities within the teeth and also to detect whether there is any needed treatment to the nerve. The occlusal x-rays by showing the entire arch from both top and bottom parts of the mouth. These x-rays help determine the placement and development of a tooth.



Another type of x-rays are panoramic x-rays, these x-rays capture the entire mouth in a single picture that includes the upper and lower jaws, all teeth , and tissues surrounding it. The use that these panoramic x-rays take is to detect any issues within the nasal area, maxillary sinuses, tooth positioning, gum and bone irregularities. Panoramic x-rays also help to plan any treatment for braces, dentures, implants and also extractions.  What these x-rays can also help detect are any oral cysts, an advanced periodontal disease, tumors and oral cancer, impacted teeth, and sinusitis.

Without the use of dental x-rays a visit to your dentist will not take a full experience as it would when having them done. This is why is it very important having your x-rays taken to be able to detect any issues inside your oral cavity. Dental x-rays play a big role as they help to detect any issues before they worsen and help you have a good dental health.