Practicing dentistry without a license is considered a crime. Each state has different regulations but all require a dentist to have a valid license to practice dentistry. These laws are good for the consumer because it protects them from many issues they can face when they get dental treatment done from an unlicensed dentist. Many reasons people go to an unlicensed dentist can be that they are more affordable, he’s a family friend, or people are just unaware that the dentist they attend are unlicensed. Some unlicensed dentist have sophisticated offices or locations that people do not question or ask for license.

Surface Disinfection Clinical  Some issues patients face when they get dental work from an unlicensed dentist can be infections from non-sterile instruments, not getting diagnose correctly because of missing tools or equipment, or just malpractice. Sterilizing instruments and keeping a sanitary working place it crucial to stop cross contamination. It is very important to use disinfectant to clean operatory chairs because bacteria or viruses can be left there by previous patients. Having the proper tools and equipment is also important because it helps the doctor diagnose correctly and also gives a more accurate treatment plan. The most common issue is malpractice which is injury or poor quality dentistry.

Some people look for the most affordable dental work and usually end up getting dental treatment from an unlicensed dentist. The work is usually less expensive because the material being used maybe lower quality, and most of the time it’s a quick fix not a long term solution. The treatment can also be affordable at the moment and in the long term more expensive if done incorrectly. It’s very important to think long term when getting any dental treatment done.

Here at Smiles on Bristol Dentistry in Santa Ana we require all staff to have a valid license or valid diploma for the position that is being applied for. Obtaining a license takes hard work and long hours of studying. Our Smiles on Bristol Dentist Dr. Kalantari graduated from Faculty of Dentistry of Semmelweis University in Europe. Upon completing dental board of California exams, he continued his education at De La Salle University, Leon Guanajuato, Mexico. Dr. Kalantari has extensive knowledge in the field and still attends seminars and courses to extend his dental knowledge. Our assistants have completed dental assistant courses and received diplomas. If you have any questions regarding a dental license you can verify with the Dental Board of California./contact-us/