Dental phobia is the fear of dentistry or receiving dental treatment. Dental phobia is one of the most common reasons why people don’t scheduled routine exams. They avoid the dental office at all cost and return or seek help when they are in pain. Dental phobia can affect your oral health, if you hold off treatment until you have pain is not the best thing to do. In most cases the tooth can be restorable but the fear of going to the dentist and not having the treatment completed can change the diagnosis.

Dental phobia can be related to previous experiences, the fear of pain, or the loss of personal space. One of the main reasons why people develop dental phobia is from past experiences, maybe their first visit to the dentist wasn’t as expected and then they think that all dentist or dental visits are the same. Fear of pain is another reason why people develop dental phobia, you are not alone most people are afraid of needles and avoid the dentist at all cost for this reason. Another reason could be that they feel uncomfortable having somebody so physically close to you.

At Smiles on Bristol Dentistry we try to help patients cope with dental phobia. Most of the people that have dental phobia will say something regarding their fear. Most are from past experiences and we try to make them feel as comfortable as possible to change their perspective. We play movies when they are waiting in chairs to keep their mind occupied. If a patient has a fear of dental treatment Dr. Danial Kalantari create signs with the patient that will let the Dr. know that the patients need a break.

There is other options for people with severe dental phobia. This method is best to consult with Dr. Danial Kalantari or with your treating dentist. Your dentist can prescribe you medication that will help you relax or use nitrous oxide if your phobia is with dental treatment. If you have any questions regarding dental phobia or dental anxiety you can contact your Smiles on Bristol Dentistry staff./contact-us/relaxed-at-dentist