Dental Bridges are fixed prosthodontics that are cemented on to an existing tooth or implant. Unlike removable prosthodontics the dental bridge can only be removed by a dentist after being cemented. A Dental Bridge is recommended when one or more teeth are missing.  It is highly recommended to replace a missing tooth, if a missing tooth is not replace the neighboring teeth begin to shift to the empty space. This causes more trouble in your mouth, like periodontitis or crowded or misaligned teeth.Dental-Bridge_14

Traditional Dental Bridges are the most common type of bridge. They require two teeth and they must have a gap in the middle to be able to place a fake tooth or anchor tooth.  Traditional dental bridges can restore the ability to chew properly, restore your smiles, and prevent your teeth from shifting to different positions. It also helps with distributing the bite evenly in your mouth. Our Santa Ana dentist Dr. Danial Kalantari always gives his patients options for replacing a missing tooth.

The dental bridge procedure is usually done in two visits. The first visit a preliminary impression is taken for your temporary bridge.  After the preliminary impression is taken the dentist begins to file down your teeth to create room for your permanent bridge.  Once the filing is complete the dentist will take an impression to send to the lab to fabricate your permanent bridge.  After the impression is taken and completed the dentist or registered dental assistant will fabricate your temporary bridge. This will protect your teeth that have been filed down and your gum, meanwhile your permanent bridge is being fabricated.

The following appointment will be the delivery of the bridge.  The temporary bridge and removed and your permanent bridge will be delivered. There are a few adjustments to be made when they deliver your permanent bridge.  There can be a chance that you return one time between the impression date and delivery date for a bridge try in. On the try in date your dentist will check that all margins are correct before they finalize the bridge; some adjustments can be made in this appointment.

The dental bridge last up to five to fifteen years or more if taken care of properly. This means brushing and flossing every day and regular checkups from your dentist. The dental bridge shouldn’t change the way you talk. It does take time to get use to in the mouth. Some slight sensitivity is also normal after the treatment is completed. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a free consultation for a missing tooth, feel free to contact our Santa Ana dentist Dr. Danial Kalantari or your friendly staff of Smiles on Bristol Dentistry./contact-us/