According to Dr. Danial Kalantari of Santa Ana Smiles On Bristol Dentistry, parents have many things to worry about in regards to their children.  A concern parents often forget, however, is the importance of dental health.  Tooth decay remains one of the leading diseases among children.  Fortunately, tooth decay can be almost completely prevented by adopting a few simple practices.


Parents should establish a brushing and flossing routine before their child’s first birthday.  The tooth care when the child has few teeth does not need to be very intense.  Instead parents should focus on simply trying to keep the teeth free of food particles, as well as getting their child used to having a tooth care routine.  Parents can play a two minute song while children are brushing as a fun way to make sure they brush long enough.  Parents should also pay close attention to their child’s snacking habits to try to keep them from consuming too much sugar.  Children should be monitored during their brushing and flossing for the first seven to eight years to make sure they use proper techniques and do not forget.

Taking the child to the dentist before any pain or irritation is observed can help prevent any unnecessary decay.  Additionally, introducing a child to the dentist before more complicated, painful procedures are needed can help prevent a child from developing a fear of the dentist.

Parents of teenagers should try to limit their teen’s intake of sodas and sugary drinks as the sugar and acidic additives can promote plaque and erode enamel.  If the teenager partakes in sports, parents should insist they wear mouth guards to help protect from any accidental damage.  Parents can also promote healthy habits for their teens such as eating healthy, low-sugar, high-nutrient snacks, and keeping a small toothbrush in their locker or backpack.