When it comes to restorative dentistry, Santa Ana Smiles on Bristol Dentistry in Orange County proudly offers all the best and cutting edge treatments for your entire family. Just a few years ago, root canal damaged teeth or teeth with deepening cavities were covered with metal materials which didn’t enhance a person’s smile appearance. Modern procedures have made restorative dentistry easier and more aesthetically pleasing, as is the case with crown procedures offered by Smiles on Bristol Dentistry.


Dental crowns are “caps” that completely enclose a tooth that has been damaged by a root canal procedure or when a large cavity has threatened the overall health of the tooth and surrounding gums. Crowns are created by taking dental impressions and secured with FDA approved dental cement, and now are made with porcelain and ceramic materials to better reflect the look and feel of natural teeth. Crowns last an average of 10 years but can maintain their longevity and function with proper preventative dental hygiene such as flossing and teeth brushing. When crowns are not enough and a permanent tooth must be removed, Smiles on Bristol Dentistry offers implants and dental bridges to take its place. A dental implant is a surgical procedure during which metal is fused to either your jaw or skull bone so that a bridge may be adhered to it. Dental bridges have the look and feel of real teeth and can greatly enhance your overall oral health and appearance. Santa Ana Smiles on Bristol Dentistry, located conveniently in Orange County, near Orange County Airport and South Coast Plaza, is proud to offer the best procedures and can treat people of all ages as a certified family dentist.