Amalgam fillings or silver fillings is a common material that is used by dentist to fill a cavity. Amalgam is made of alloys of mercury and other metals like silver, tin, and copper. These materials are mixed together to create amalgam; your dentist will use this type of filling material to restore the damage part of the tooth. Amalgam has been used in deSilver-Versus-White-Fillingsntistry for about 150 years. There have been many studies involving this type of filling material by the FDA and they concluded that is safe for adults and children over the age of 6.

Patients have question the use of amalgam in the dental field. Most patients are concerned with putting metal in their mouth. They think that putting metal in their mouth can lead to serious illness in the future. They also oppose the use of this type of filling because how it looks inside the mouth. It doesn’t match the natural tooth enamel. According to many studies from the American Dental Association they have concluded that dental amalgam is safe to use, and there’s no justification for discontinuing the use of amalgam.

Our dentist in Santa Ana Dr. Danial Kalantari usually recommends to his patients composite resin fillings. Composite fillings are white color tooth fillings that match the tooth enamel. Composite fillings require less drilling, there’s different shades that can match the same color as your tooth. Dr. Danial Kalantari in some cases will recommend amalgam fillings. Some examples are when a cavity is big or close to the nerve. He would recommend silver fillings because they have better resistance against sensitivity.

There are some benefits in having an amalgam filling. Silver fillings are durable and long lasting if taken care of properly. The only time that they have to be changed are when they break or have leakage. Silver fillings also work great with people that are heavy grinders. The disadvantage is that more tooth structure has to be remove in order for the amalgam filling to hold. The look of the silver in the mouth is not very esthetic. When the silver filling is on the tooth for a long time it can leave amalgam tattoo.

It is best to talk to your treating dentist to see what options you have for dental fillings. Your dentist can inform you about both benefits and disadvantages of both composite resin and amalgam restorations. You can also schedule an appointment with our Santa Ana Dentist Dr. Danial Kalantari./contact-us/