Smiles on Bristol Dentistry Santa AnaSmiles on Bristol with Santa Ana Dentist Dr. Danial Kalantari offers many cutting edge procedures to help the dental health of their patients. Some of these procedures include the use of VELscope, laser dentistry, and intraoral cameras.

LED Medical’s VELscope Vx is a hand-held device that is designed to be easy-to-use and cost efficient. The device was developed by LED Medical and the British Columbia Cancer Agency.  Approved by the FDA and Health Canada, it works by showing dentists the fluorescence of oral tissue which changes when the tissue is affected by an abnormality.  This allows dentists to noninvasively and precisely locate potential issues within the mouth. The VELscope will pick-up the abnormalities caused by a number of infections and diseases including pre-cancerous tissue and fully-developed oral cancer. The VELscope utilizes a single-use sterile VELcap cover to protect patients from germ transfer from other patients.

Another innovative product offered by LED Medical is their Rayscan Alpha. This product is the newest advance in dental imaging technology.  Rayscan offers both 2D and 3D images using radiography.  Like x-rays, the Rayscan uses radiation but in much lower amounts than x-rays to prevent any possible side effects.  It also has multi-functionality that dentists can personally configure to get the most useful type of image.  This ranges from panoramic pictures of the mouth to even simple forms of CT scans. Both the VELscope and the Rayscan can connect to LED Medical’s innovative cloud so that dentists can keep their image files collected, organized, backed-up, and easily accessible.

Laser dentistry is also sweeping the dental world by storm.  Easy, cheap, effective, with minimal clean up and high patient satisfaction, laser dentistry is a no-brainer investment.  Some of the leading types of laser technologies currently on the market include the LANAP protocol, Fotona Lightwalker, Nightwalk, and the Waterlase.

The LANAP® protocol is used to treat issues with gum disease, cutting away damaged gum tissue with ease and precision. Plus, the LANAP® protocol cauterizes the area and reduces the possibility of bleeding which decreases recovery times.  The instant cauterizing also eliminates the need for stitches, making procedures less complicated for dentists and less uncomfortable for patients.  No stitches removes the need for specific follow up appointments to check on the state of stitches.  Patients then only have to return for a follow-up if they experience any issues during healing.

While the LANAP protocol is mostly just utilized for gum work, the Fotona Lightwalker® and Nightwalk® can be used for a much broader range of procedures.  They can cut through both hard and soft tissues and reduce the occurrence of bleeding in both.  Additionally, the lasers sanitize the area of treatment greatly reducing the chance of infection after the procedures.

The WaterLase® laser system adds a stream of water to the laser procedure to soothe the treatment area.  It is often more gentle than other lasers and has such powerful pain relief, that often dentists will not need to give patients shots in addition to their procedure.

Intraoral cameras are also furthering the digital dental revolution.  These cameras allow dentists to take accurate pictures of patient’s mouths to provide more accurate diagnoses and to help dentists show their patients what the problems are. Modern intraoral cameras, such as LED Dental’s new digital IC100 and IC200 are their first and second intraoral cameras to hit the market and offer imaging at 768 x 494 pixels, aspheric lenses and auto-focusing.  Additionally most new cameras on the market also offer live video and auto-focusing.

With these new technologies, Smiles on Bristol Dentistry in Santa Ana, Ca, can properly diagnose and treat patients in the most efficient, cost-effective, and pain-free ways possible.